Windows 10 boot problem


Installed latest version of sketchup on windows 10 technical preview v 10041 and after restart I could not boot up.I had to restore to previous version. Nothing else installed with sketchup so it has to be caused by sketchup.


Do we support that? :wink:


Not necessarily. It might be caused by the installer package. Things might need to change for Win10. Or perhaps the current beta release has a bug in it’s implementation of the Microsoft Installer, which is corrupting the registry when it processes legacy msi packages.

I’d suggest checking into the Win Beta forums, and see if any other beta testers are having any application install issues.

Also you can test some other legacy application install packages, and see what happens.


I just thought of something. The shell SKP thumbnail extension is a bit finicky.

You could try renaming it from “ThumbsUp.dll” to “ThumbsOff.dll”, before you reboot.


Windows X Build 10061 now available


I have a Dell Slim Desktop that was running Win 7 Home (I think) and I let it upgrade to Win 10 about six weeks ago. I also have an 9 year old HP Elite laptop running Win 7 with Sketchup Pro on both machines.

I went through a week’s worth of re-booting, getting various utilities from Microsoft, installing programs, uninstalling programs and restoring the Win 10 OS including re-formatting the drive, and a lot more. In the end, the Dell crashed repeated and hard. Low level registry errors and memory errors, usually related to trying to save an *.skp file.

For the record, when I got it running, Sketchup ran very well under Win 10, it was mostly driver problems. Each machine can have different problems; My Dell had a “mini wifi Adapter” which is an antenna that plugs into a USB port, that Dell stopped supporting, no driver available under Win 10, so I eliminated the wi-fi and went to a Cat 5 cable for Internet access, etc… Have fun. I figure another month or two and the software people will catch up most of the bugs, but right now it’s a nightmare.