Windows 10 and FVD Speed Dial?


If you use FVD Speed Dial (a Mozilla Firefox addon), I’d like to know if you were forced to reinstall Firefox or if you were required to reinstall Speed Dial or any other browser extensions after upgrading to Windows 10. I use FVD Speed Dial regularly and have many sites linked to that extension so I want to avoid establishing so many links again.


Do not extensions save user data in
/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/yourprofile.default/extensions
(You find FVD under the name space

So you can back it up and restore if ever necessary. Uninstalling a software or extension usually doesn’t purge the configurations, unless you uninstall with forced purge.


Not really sure if that is accurate. Several times when prevously upgrading to a higher version of Windows, I have lost all settings that had been saved under FVD Speed Dial. I am trying to confirm what other users have experienced in this situation before I take an experimental plunge…


The upgrade to Windows 10 was different from what I remember in going from 7 to 8 to 8.1. You’re given choices that including starting with a new system, carrying over your personal settings, or your personal settings and apps. I could easily reinstall app I wanted, so I went with just keeping the personal settings, but I would expect it to take over extensions too, if you chose to keep apps.

One other thing I wasn’t expecting, Windows keeps enough of the old system for you to be able to revert if you wanted to. I’m ok with staying with Windows 10, and was able to free up over 20 GB of space by removing those files.


Sorry my reply was totally under the assumption you would preserve user data. I didn’t think that the traditional upgrades on Windows were wipe&install, and it seems with Windows 10 that time is over.


No apology necessary. Good to know that it is probably possible for me to do what I wish to do with Win10. I am still hoping to hear from someone who has installed it and maintained their FVD Speed Dial settings. Anybody fit that description?