Win 10 update release problem lost all my setups

How angry I’m.
I had to move on Windows from Mac, and never come to my mind that updating software I will loose all my setups, menu layouts, keybord shortcuts etc.
brawo me
and brawo sketchup team :frowning:

So you moved from one operating system to another (which are renowned for being different) and you are surprised that things aren’t the same.

No at all!

I’m surprised that on Win software for profesionals is designed the way that when there is update you need to start all your work setup from O ! You loos all!

I should been asked if I want keep them or loos them !
Are we XXI century?

You will find some useful hints in this post from Dave (and that whole topic)…

Thank you :slight_smile:
by the way keyboard shortcuts was lost too :face_with_head_bandage:

Shortcuts can be exported on a PC using Preferences > Shortcuts.
These can then be Preferences > Import-ed into a newer version of SketchUp, or another PC…
Although some will be lost if you do not have the same Extensions/Plugins installed, or the older version ‘Plugins’ menu is changed to ‘Extensions’.

Unfortunately the Shortcuts .dat file exported from a PC is not reusable on a MAC [and vice versa]…

Thank you,