Windows 11: to upgrade or not to upgrade

Is it too soon to jump into the waters of a system wide update?

Has anyone experienced issues across their swamp of different files and softwares upon the upgrade?

I have lots of different software, ranging from Studio One 5 (DAW) to Xara Designer Pro X (Vector Graphics)— Davinci Resolve (Video Editor) to Filezilla (FTP file manager).

I’ve got lots of different things looking in a lot of different places for files that are used to keep the programs kicking.

Is Windows 11 fixin’ to break my stuff? Ō.ō
The computer keeps bothering me about it and its spooky…

Shall I?
Or shan’t I?

What would you do?

I upgraded when it came out.

SketchUp 2021 was fine, as was Libre Office, Gimp, Resolve, Filezilla, Notepad++ and various other open source programs and utilities.


From what I see on the net, one can expect growing pain with the new OS. With what I went through with Win 10 from its inception, I won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.