Windows 10 64-bit Bluescreens When installing SU Pro 2019

I currently have SU Pro 2018 on my (relatively new) Boxx Apexx 4 7203 Machine w/ 1080 Ti card, running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I tried to install 2019, and part-way through the install, it hits a BSoD. I’ve rebooted, run logged in as Administrator, updated drivers… no luck. I’ve installed other softwares (which has promped me to allow it to go back and clean-up the half-install that SU left), with no issue.

I’ve used SketchUp for YEARS, and NEVER seen the like.

The installer is ok, as I used the same file to install 2019 to my Microsoft Surface Pro, and it had no problems.

Any thoughts?



I am told running the file logged on as admin is not the same as selecting the file , opening the context menu and then selecting run as administrator. Go to the installer, right click the file and choose "run as administrator.

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