Window openings in a curved surface

To begin with, I use Sketchup 2017.
I would like to model this railcar for 3D printing
My problem is how can I create the window openings in the front of this railcar.
It is a curved surface but is at an angle - see attached photo

Would be delighted to know how others can resolve this issue please


Thanks to all

May be something like this.



have a look at some of the VW mini busses in the warehouse…

there is at least one with blue prints showing how it was built into a model…


If the glass is curved, don’t erase that surface!

Yes indeed.

Thank you. I will experiment and see how it actually works

Good thinking

Many thanks


Thank you for that. Brilliant
My question now - sorry for this, can you tell me how you created the framework to insert the window opening please.
Thank you

I must apologise. I did not express my request correctly

I was trying to ask how you created the curved surface to insert the grouped object and also how you actually extrude the curved surface for 3D printing!

Thank you for your time. Much appreciated!

Hi @Jediklin. Building on what @ecati showed…all you have to do is offset the window shape and then intersect the same way. You can do both at the same time as I show here. Then just ‘Joint Push Pull’ to extrude the frame up to where you want.

I created the curved surface with Curviloft Extension.