Window Logon Fail Notice

Working fine the other day, not an issue when I first tried the web tool.

Today, Window Logon Failure after failure with the error claiming that a popup was blocked when I am afraid that they are allowed, always have been and there is an exception rule for sketchup in the browser…

My other computet that my son uses, he had that problem yesterday, he was using it and saved several files of items he drew, then started getting logon window errors with the same claim.

Sorry, but both machines have allowances already for such issues and there is nothing stopping this from working on my end, therefore Occams Razor baby its Sketchup end of the system or that 3rd party login account stuff that seems to be popular these days.

So you have a problem and the issue is log in issues, if the page loads up, I have to be logged in, so that in itself indicates that the issue is (based on troubleshooting code issues and other things) is a code / bug, the only thing that explains this problem is one of your developers introduced a typo somewhere.

Facts speak for themselves, perfectly fine for ages and then along comes an update from sketchup… Hmmmmm.


The corollary to which is:

Reversing the static to fact ratio dramatically increases the likelihood of others lending their time and knowledge to help.



Stating two facts here that there is something wrong with Sketchup System or Trimble.

I have to point out that this 3rd party account login business is a very likely problem, the amount of problems that my sons Minecraft account has over logging in is unreal, never have an issue with any other login system except for those that use a 3rd party to control the account.

Here is another fact that the devs may not think about, network problems. What happens when the network goes down and I want to save my work?

Unlike an actual program on your computer, cloud systems have a fundamental Achilles heel, DOS, DDOS and other factors that can be implemented to make life for users problematic.
All colud computing is is a return to the old central framework workstation type of environment, I am wondering when its going to go full cycle and computers will be dumb terminals and no storage at all, you won’t own a thing, not ewven your data, thats the problem with these cloud systems, when you need the programs to work the most, they fail, like earlier today.

Just shows a possible problem, especially where the parting of cash for licences are concerned.

I think I might move on to another para system, so far out of 5 runs, its run 3 times, failed once and refused to login. So a 60% uptime is not a good sign.

Yes it is unfortunate. Some times these things happen and no matter what the user does the system fails.
Best option is to move on to another system.

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Well in terms of support, that is abysmal.

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