Login outage for SketchUp for Web

Update: This issue has been resolved.

Hi everyone,

We are currently troubleshooting and fixing a login in problem with SketchUp for Web and other SketchUp products. I’ll post here again as soon as we are up and running.

Stay tuned for an update,


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Are there any normalization forecasts for Trimble Connect?

I’m glad you are working on it, but this is a major downside of a subscription, I can’t use Sketchup until you fix it. Glad I’m not on a deadline.


IS it fixed? If not what is your estimated time for getting fixed… i need to get going with my project asap!

Update: We are now starting to see successful logins come through.

It is now working for me.

Working for me too! Thank you!

Back up here too, Thanks Mark

@Box You’re right that this is a big downside for the web app of SketchUp. We have some plans on how to address this. For the desktop app, one’s login is valid for 28 days; making the app more resilient to login outages.

I’m in, as well! A bit slow going, but whew! That was a close one!

But it was my desktop pro that I couldn’t open in this case.