Login Page Broken?

Hi guys, seems like after that update last week I can no longer log in. I click on this login page and it sends me to this dead end.

Has anyone else had this problem, what would the solution be? I feel like I’m in Groundhog Day trying to log in.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Previously the sign in page started with an identity.trimble.com URL, now it starts with id.trimble.com. You may need to give permission for id.trimble.com to load. One person who saw the problem fixed it by disabling an ad blocker.

what if it doesn’t work ? i have a client and Colin’s instuction didn’t help.
what’s weird in his case is fact that it happens on different PC’s.
He have no anti virus and turning off windows defender doesn’t change anything.
Incognito mode no difference, different web broswers no difference.
My question is then where else one can look for solution… What else can cause it ? Is it possible there’s something beyond Windows to block it somehow ?

Someone posted last night, and also could not get the sign in to work on a new Mac, in a few different browsers. In that case Little Snitch was being used, and telling it to allow accounts.sketchup.com fixed things.

Ok, here’s little update. Fix in this situation was reseting router… I think not only reset as in turn off and on, but more like reset to factory settings. They had some weird settings propably, and it was screwing the display of that website…