Cannot log into Sketchup

Dear all,
I cannot log into SketchUp. Because there isn’t a box for inputting email address.
To resolve this error, I cleared internet cookies, case and I check my internet ports and adblocker.
However, nothing is changed. I cannot still log into SketchUp and cannot use SketchUp as well.
Are there anyone who know about this issue and how to resolve it?

Hmm. Can you try logging into in a different browser than Chrome and see if the problem persists?

I already tried log into SketchUp in different browsers such as chrome, edge, explorer.
However, the problem persists.
Thank you for your reply.

I’m afraid I do not know much as to what might be going on, but this thread below might help?

Not sure if this is a similar issue, but you should take a look at 3dwarehouse log in issue - Trimble Log in details not visible

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