Trimble sign in problem

Went through another reinstallation of Sketchup Pro. v. 2020 again, on my MBP.

I’m trying to sign in and this is the web page I’m brought to - no fields or anything to sign into.

What is going on here.

I tried setting Brave as my default browser (instead of Safari) and it worked this time.

Hi, I have the exact same problem and the costumer service doesn’t help me either. I’ve tried to make Firefox (wich I only use for testing) as my default browser, but I still get that static webpage :frowning: Is there something special with Brave?

I have installed Brave and made it my default browser, still no luck and stranded at the static page again. This is realy frustrating, happy for you tho!

Yea, that’s a bummer.

For other people the problem seems to be system wide, and the browser you use wouldn’t affect things. Not sure why it solved the problem for clearplanmodeling, I’m guessing that another change at the same time is what helped.

For one Mac user it turned out that Little Snitch was in the system, and by going into the settings and permitting, that fixed the problem.

Look for anything in your system that might be blocking that address.

What is “Little Snitch” and where in the Settings does one “permit”, Colin?

I finally fixed it! The problem at my side was that I activated my account with Apple ID with “hide my email address” turned on. That worked fine, but after january 16th that stopped :frowning: So I tried to log out, which is not doable when you can’t log in. So I had to delete the private relay address within my Apple ID, after that I could login again with a new Apple ID and my standard email address :slight_smile:

Same problem… The sign in to do anything loop doesn’t help when ONE CANNOT SIGN IN.
The app just won’t open. Tried different browsers, cleared caches, etc. NADA.

There is no way that I know for using the product I’m paying for at the moment.

Sorry but this is not the solution.

I still cannot start Sketchup Apps. The Trimble Identity page is still not working for me.
Is there any workaround or someone I can contact for solving this issue?