Fixing a hole

Used to open web app with this link Trimble Identity.

Now it doesn’t work anymore. Any ideas why? Just redirects (and nothing happens) to: Trimble Identity

On the sign in page, if you see a blank area on the right, check to see if you are using ad blockers. Those can prevent the sign in options from appearing. Either turn the ad blocker off for a moment, or check its settings to see if you can approve and

now no blockers on now but still:

from —> {“message”:“Missing Authentication Token”} loads loooooong but —> Description: Could not connect to the requested server host. / took too long to respond.

Not sure if affects but installed macOs update; 11.7.5 (20G1225). Anyways problems occur on this ‘cottage’ macbook only, on my ‘primary’ macbook Sketchup works fine.

Miracles(?) happen… suddenly sign-in window appeared! No probs anymore, hopefully.