Is sketchup still down?

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I’ve been having some difficulty for the last 3 or 4 days with logging in. After a few attempts it will usually let me in. This is the screen I get occasionally when trying to log in. If it lets me get that far.

We have been troubleshooting this - follow these steps!


Following this helped me.

My theory is that the recent outage caused our login data files to go bad, and we need to get new ones.

Just a theory. Seen several of threads where people are running into this exact issue.

Why can Trimble send 3D Camp invitation email to all users, but can’t send this information to make their lives easier?

I had the same and managed to log in by visiting Trimble Website, logging in there, and then trying SketchUp again.

You can subscribe to incident reports, here:

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For whot?

For issues with web services of SketchUp. (Sign in, 3DWarehouse, Add location, etc)

You can unsubscribe for other emails by going to the bottom of an email and follow the link.

I am still having issues and don’t know if it is with sketchup or twilight render. When I try to render a current scene with TR, it renders and old scene. Tried switching scene numbers, same problem.

The Log-in-errors article that is linked has had its information merged into an FAQ article. This is the new link to use: