Window and door depth setting for walls

Whilst S.U works only with paper thin walls, I am constantly frustrated that when constructing a building and dragging up wall sections that window and door components can only ever cut through one layer of the wall.

I’m just wondering if it would be possible to add a depth setting to the component creation window to allow the user set the component to cut through to a specified depth?..

Just a really handy and useful option for those who want and need to have a more accurate building model for interior purposes etc…

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Maybe you need the extension called Double Cut.

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I sometimes use two separate components, one for each wall face.
Unfortunately, too, hole-cutting components don’t work together with the new section cut fill feature.

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Just discovered this, apologies. Got my vote. Tired of punching rectangle into walls. Would also speed up constructing pocket doors if width could be an added parameter.

IOW, you set up a complete pocket door in frame (usually twice the width of the door) and apply it to a blank wall and voila- complete pocket door with sliding internal panel. Very easy to detect if the pocket will be wide enough or require additional framing.

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