Will SUpro classic be availiable for subsequent laptops/pc?

Confussed? When I buy a new laptop/pc, will SketchUp pro 2020 classic still be available to download onto it once subscription only? I konw it would not be updated etc but would still like a hard copy to use… as I’ve paid for it.

The program file you download is the same. It’s only the license that changes. Currently you can still get back to SketchUp 2017 so it seems reasonable to expect you’ll be able to download SketchUp 2020 for a while. That said, if you are concerned, you might want to keep a copy of it on your storage media to access later.

Keep a copy of the installer and a record of your classic license information. Remove the license from the old computer before you install on the new one.

Trimble has said that they won’t issue new classic licenses or renew maintenance after November, but they have also said that an existing classic license will remain valid.