Wide lines on dwg export

When I export to dwg, the lines on all exterior sides, tops,bottoms are very wide. I’ve learned that they can be played with to make them lines like the rest of the plan.
Is there an adjustment I can make so these lines NOT wide?
Also, sometimes the lines appear NOT STRAIGHT?
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you.

By “wide” I presume you mean “thick”? If that’s the case, then make sure you select None under Profile Lines and Section Lines in the export window. One thing to note however, this window comes up only when you export 2D Graphic. If you have a 3D model you should choose File > Export > 3D Graphic.

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thank you very much.
perfect solution.
and i find that if i play with the sketchup model and attempt to get all
lines as straight as possible, the export to dwg has straight lines as well.

all seems obvious until you do it.

i appreciate your kind help.

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If you’re making 2D exports, you could set the camera to Parallel Projection (Camera menu) and choose a standard view that is appropriate.


THANK you . this makes a whole new sketchup for me. how i missed this is beyod me but thank you for teaching me.

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