Why resize with Tape tool, does not work as expected?

I have a hole in a box, which I need to extend. I need to correct the top edge and the bottom edge length.

When I measure from begin to end of the edge and then enter the value 127 and press enter, I got this message box. After I submit it, then the component is rescaled. But I need to resize the selected edge or selected edges only.

As you found, that’s not what the Tape Measure tool does. It rescales the entire current edit context (whole model or open-for-edit group or component). It uses the measured edge as a reference for what you want to be the new length. That is, the logic is “make this edge the length I type and scale everything else to go with it”.

The simplest way to do what you want is to select the end edge and use the move tool to adjust it to where you want it. Be sure to click on the edge, not an endpoint or you will skew the rectangle instead of moving the whole edge.

The movement of the edge does not fix its length…

You need to place something at the length you want, e.g. a guide line or point, or else use inference off something else.

Why don’t you just use ‘Push/Pull’ tool on the side face of the hole by typing a value?

Good point! I overlooked the fact that the wall has thickness. You can still use move tool, you just need to select both the front and back edges of the hole. Pushpull is equally valid, though you still need something at the desired new size since pushpull also takes an increment to move.

I see what you mean, but this will change lenght of both lines. But the bottom line is different length than the top one. The shape of the hole should be like polygon, instead of rectangle. The bottom line of the object I am creating is shorter than the top one.

The push/pull tool of the right side would also keep both lines same length. Hence I need to find out how to do it when I need to change edge size.

Do you mean that you originally drew the “rectangle” out of square and need to fix it? If so, you can move just the erroneous vertices to the correct positions.

As a side note, sometimes it is actually easier to erase a defective object and start over than to try to fix it.

What tool should I use to move vertices? Or how to select them?

You can use Scale, too. Select the entire opening, grab the proper handle (in this case, the middle end handle) and type the desired length:

He is not selecting vertices there, he is simply selecting top edge and moving it.

I recommend you reading this article and watching the video at the end: Moving Entities Around | SketchUp Help

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Who, slbaumgartner?

1:20 autoselect tool, than you.

Now when I understand the auto-select tool, I can just move the cursor of the Move tool over the midpoint of the edge and then drag it. Works fine.

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