Tape measure tool, to scale

Hey all, I’ve been trying to use the tape measure tool to resize this bale for a drawer pull, with no success.
I’ve exploded it, re-grouped it, re-componented (sic) it, shut down, and reopened SU. . . to no avail.
I did scale (with the scale tool) a circle to make an oval to use with follow me, do I remember somewhere that, that’s a thing?
Bale.skp (551.7 KB)

Resizing with the Tape Measure tool? Sure it’s a thing. Sounds like you’re missing a step or something. Make sure you are clicking on endpoints at each end of the known distance before typing the new distance.

Press and release Ctrl before the first click.
resize bail

Thanks, Dave, it was the “control” thing.
I kept just re-sizing the line.

@mihai.s Thank you also.