Why my dimension are changing all the time?


I’m starting to try Sketchup on Windows 10 since yesterday but it seems quite impossible to set and keep stable dimension
This is about the third time that I restart my drawing from scratch because I suddenly realize that the dimension set at the beginning have changed without understandable reason … for example
1- I start to draw a rectangle
2- I set dimension in the dimension input box
3- I delete an edge
4- I zoom to fit the page
5- I set an offset an a few other thing (elevation etc)
then I realize that my base dimension is wrong and I have to restart !


The dimensions do not change by their own. Whatever you do, must affect your drawing.


It is surely something you are doing. What tool are you using to zoom in? How much are the dimensions changing? Maybe you could share before and after example SKP files that show the problem.


Did you hit [return] at the end of action 2 (setting the dimension in the input box) ?


Thanks for your help
It was probably my mistake, I was entering measurement separated by semi column as I do on my Desktop Machine
But on my Laptop it is Comma
So Measurement box is Machine Culture sensitive !


The separator and decimal point are locale-sensitive. You must have the two machines set up with different locales!