Sketchup changing my measurements


Hi all.
I have been using Sketchup for several years for woodworking and other home designs. I have never had any problems with this fantastic package.
Recently routine Win 10 maintenance destroyed my machine. Thanks Mr Microsoft. The only solution has been a clean install of Win 10. Loading Sketchup again seemed OK but it changes the dimensions that I insert. e.g. A simple rectangle with keyed dimensions of (mm) 1000,500 gives me a rectangle of 1000.5 x 620.9. It is weird.
I have installed the latest drivers for the graphics card, but it was doing it before that. I downloaded an old version of Sketchup 8 with similar results.
Any ideas please. ???
Thanks, Alistair


What language for your keyboard? It sounds to me as if you were using a period as the decimal separator and now it is using a comma. Drag out a rectangle and examine the Measurements box. Is there a semi colon between the dimensions? If so, type that when you type your new dimensions.


Brilliant Dave,
I was tearing my hair out. Now I’m nearly bald.
It was exactly that! I wonder how I specify the keyboard language?
Cheers and thanks


Very good. Think of the money you’ll save on haircuts! :smiley:

There’ll be a setting in Windows for the language-localization. I would suggest a Google search for that.


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