Measurement keyboard input not working



WIN 8.1 DESKTOP. LOGITECH WIRELESS KEYBOARD. CTRL-M dose not help. No guides other than horizontal or X-Y plane work and only at 5’ increments. The drivers on the keyboard are the latest according to Microsoft. The input field measurement shown was after I typed in 115/8 or 11-5/8" & hit Enter or Ctrl-m. Neither works. It is a real pain in the but.

This issue has terrorized my 30 day trial of SketchUp Pro 2015 & has to be a threat to future customer counts for the SketchUp team. I’m wondering what will happen when I upgrade to WIN 10?

Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now

Your system preferences for drawings options aren’t very useful. What are your Window > Model Info > Units settings?


Thanks Catamountain, Wo3Dan already apprized me that I was entering 11-5/8" as 115/8 when it should have been 11 space 5/8. I have suggested that a SYNTAX ERROR ALERT should appear stating TRY: 11 space 5/8 or 11.625 . I like both as long as there is an alert when the forward slash shows up as 115/8. Thanks again to Wo3Dan. And you for being on the case.