Can't input measurements

I have a student who cannot input values with the numlock either on or off.
He has been able to do this on previous assignments.
With him working from home I can’t even really help him other than do research for him.
He is working on a Acer with windows 10 Home.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Which browser is being used?

he was in firefox

There have been issues with Edge and Chrome browsers recently involving key inputs, Firefox has been working ok by the looks of things. I would try to update to the latest version of Firefox first to see if that improves anything.

ok thank you. He restarted his computer and it didn’t help but I don’t know if he allowed any updates

his browser is up to date. I have suggested clearing his browser history, cookies and cache

If that doesn’t work he could try Chrome browser instead.

I literally just asked him to do that lol

swtiching to chrome did not help

I’m starting to think this might be a user thing. Same problem in 2 browsers? Maybe a simple test is required?

Tell him to select rectangle tool, click to place the first point, drag out to an arbitrary distance, let go of the mouse, then type 100,100 and press enter. (Assuming numerical separator is a comma)

What happens?

he shared his screen with me this morning and it wasn’t working. I have asked him to research how to reset his keyboard in case he has inadvertently set a hot key. We are beginning to think that there is a sketchup issue

Is the Chrome also the latest version?

I think he is getting frustrated as he isn’t responding very quickly

laptop and chrome are latest updated versions

No need for him to be frustrated. What happens if he tries to input numbers in both of the web browsers outside of the Sketchup application? In the search bars for example?

Does the keyboard work outside of web browsers in word for example?

He says he’s also trying to do his Math homework.
I will update when he replies to your last suggestion

One thing that often trips up new users is that the numerical input is just typed in and the measure-box shows what’s been typed.
But it you click on the box it cancels the current tool, so don’t do that !
Here are the simple steps needed - select the rectangle tool, click to place the first corner, drag out a rectangle to an arbitrary size, and let go of the mouse [do not click on anything], then type 100,100 and press enter. (Assuming the system’s numerical separator is a , [comma], otherwise it’s a ; [semicolon] )
If you should do a second click then a randomly sized rectangle will be made, but if you immediately type 100,100 that size will be used…

Thanks Tig.
I figured that out real quickly and was one of the first things I taught them do… actually was the first thing in the second simple assignment to be exact so the student experiencing issues knows how to do that.
Right now we are thinking it is an interface issue as the keyboard is working properly in all other programs… ie search bar and google docs etc.

For the web version it wouldn’t have been this issue. That area of the window is not selectable.

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If he is technically inclined to do so, he could show the developer tools, Console, and look to see if any errors are occurring.