Measurements Toolbar not responding

I have been using Sketchup for a very long time so I know the basics. One of the best features is the ability to start a function, type a measurement, hit enter and it will snap to there with precision. I just updated to the 2015 version and this feature was working fine for about a day. Today I am not able to type after starting a function. I go to move something just .75" and it will erase the highlighted part when I type the decimal. Has anyone run into this problem before? Are they working on this bug? I didn’t mess with the preferences, but is there something there I can change? I tried contacting Trimble directly after searching in the forum and the knowledge center, but apparently they won’t let you write to them if you don’t have Pro. So, I have hoping someone here can help me out. Thanks.

Might you have toggled Num Lock?


I do not see this.
For example, with Line, typing .75" makes a line 3/4" long
If you type 0.75" or 7" what happens ?
Have you perhaps set up a shortcut for “.” ?
That will certainly mess up if you start an entry with a “.” !!!
Look at your shortcuts list in the Ruby Console using:

Sketchup.get_shortcuts.sort.each{|e|puts e};puts

Oh my goodness! You have no idea how frustrated I have been over something so small! My new laptop doesn’t have a light when caps lock or num lock are on and I when I start up I have to toggle it to type in my password which is obviously very annoying. This is a face palm moment!