I cannot input any numbers!

I’m trying to continue a drawing I’ve started, and now today, I cannot seem to input any measurements whatsoever.

Exactly what steps are you using? Do you have an extended keyboard? Is Num Lock turned on? What SketchUp installed correctly? That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer file and selecting Run as administrator?

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When I go to create a rectangle, I can see the numbers change as my mouse moves, but when I try to input my numbers, nothing happens; not even with the top row of digits on the keyboard.

update: must have been num lock. I SWEAR I tried that. LOL

You weren’t clicking in the Measurements window were you?

Num Lock shouldn’t have any impact on the top row number keys.

No, I was definitely not clicking in that box. That’s what was so weird: the top row of numbers was unresponsive. Glad it seems to be over but I wish I knew what happened. In that regard, and only that regard, I wish the problem persisted.

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