Can't set dimensions

I’m trying to set the dimensions on a rectangle. I’ve seen that you can click once then move the mouse and you should be able to type in your dimensions. The problem I’m having is that the program doesn’t seem to recognize that I’m typing a number. Either my numpad or the regular keys don’t do anything.

Are you using Edge, there was an issue that stopped it working correctly when typing, update Edge.
If it is another browser then it is something else.
Do not try to click in the measurement box, just start the action, let go of the mouse type and enter.

Thanks! I’m using Google Chrome as my browser. I do it just as you say and it acts like I’m not typing anything.

What tool are you using? This is the action you should be using with the rectangle tool not the dimension tool or the tape tool.

Can confirm that I’m using the rectangle tool. I tried a different keyboard and rebooted the machine. The problem persists.

I can get a quote or double quote or a comma to show up in the dimension box, but no numbers.

Nothing appears in the measurement box, bottom right?

That’s correct nothing changes. It keeps the values from wherever the mouse stops, and doesn’t change when I try to type a number.

Number lock?

Checked that too, and anyway that wouldn’t affect the numbers above the home row would it? I do get a little bit of strange behavior when I turn numlock off, it seems to rotate the rectangle to be constrained on a different plane. I guess that’s because the program thinks 4,8,6,2 are arrow keys when numlock is off.

Well you’ve got me! Try another browser just in case.

It works in Firefox! Thanks for the help! I wonder what’s bugged with my Chrome.

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Which version of Chrome is it?

Version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)