Newbie: Can't set dimensions in length box

Hi, I’m Learning Sketchup Free and following a Youtube tutorial.

To set the length of a line, they say to:

  1. Select line tool
  2. Start drawing the line.
  3. Take hand off mouse
  4. Type numbers and length box updates with custom dimensions

Number 4 above is having no effect for me. When I type in numbers, nothing happens to the length. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Are you clicking and releasing to start the line? What exactly are you typing? You aren’t clicking in the Measurements window are you?

What kind of keyboard are you using? If Extended, do you have Num Lock turned on?

Hi. Yes I am clicking and releasing to start the line. No, Num Lock is not turned on. No, I’m not clicking in the measurements box. It’s my laptop keyboard. I’m trying to do exactly what you’re showing in your video. Thanks

What are you typing? What numbers? Do they show up in the Measurements window? What browser are you using?

I’m just typing any number on my laptop keyboard. Nothing is changing in the measurements window. It just shows the length that I dragged with my mouse. I’m using Chrome.

Is Chrome up to date?

My GIF was done in Chrome and it’s clearly working for me.

Are you hitting any other keys before typing the numbers?

Here again in Chrome.

Yes, Chrome is up to date. Not hitting any other keys…

Can you type those same numbers you’re trying to use in a reply in this thread? Trying to ascertain where the problem lies.

I wonder if @Mark might have any thoughts on this, too.

Yes: 582992456565. Typing random numbers here. However if in Sketchup, the length box does not get updated.

Also another thing: In the tutorial, they say to press “R” as a hotkey to use the rectangle tool. When I press R, Sketchup restarts in my browser.

That sounds like there’s a problem with the browser as it is installed on your computer, not with SketchUp. It would appear that the browser isn’t letting SketchUp have the keystroke inputs.

What happens if you try in Firefox or another browser?

Hit return after typing in the dimms.

Except his typed numbers aren’t appearing in the measurements window. And keyboard shortcuts for SketchUp aren’t working either.

Ok thanks. Will try Firefox and let you know.

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Holy ■■■■ it work in Firefox!

DaveR you’re the Man!

Thank you. I’m glad it works for you. So now the thing is to sort out why it doesn’t work in Chrome on your machine since it should.

Ok. For now I’ll just use Sketchup in Firefox while I try to figure out the problem with Chrome. Never had any other problems like that in Chrome. Appreciate your help a lot!

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Glad to hear that Firefox worked out, @yellow_rain_box. The only thing that I think could have been causing a problem like this on Chrome is if you are using a keyboard layout that SketchUp for Web is not set-up well to support. The fact that you couldn’t use the default hotkey for R is curious. Are you using a QWERTY keyboard layout, a different keyboard layout, or are you using any Chrome extensions that might utilize your keyboard?

cc @Gopal

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