Key board entry not working


19 days left in 30 day trial of SketchUp Pro 2015. Key board entry has not overwritten any of the dragged push-pull or guide measurements. Hitting enter after entering 115/8 produces 1’-2 & a 1/4" not 11-5/8". Model-info units are 1/16" as 5’ proved to be annoying.
I still have to drag the mouse until I see the measurement I want or drag it to a layout point. This has been a really horrible experience as far as productivity is concerned. All wireless keyboard and mouse drivers are up to date and I have slowed them down to the minimum, set the model draw system mouse action to click-move-click, deleted all guides and drawn only in layer0. Still no keyboard entries are precise. Can any one help solve this? Thanks in advance.


ENABLE SNAP TO LENGTH IN MODEL-INFO-UNITS seems to have allowed me to enter keyboard input. I need to check out the push-pull command but here is the MODEL-INFO-UNITS-TAB showing the ENABLE SNAP TO LENGTH box checked.


Sadly, push-pull keyboard entry does not override a preset measurement of 1’-2 & 3/8 so I must have set that constraint some how. There must be a way to clear any constraints?


I can’t tell from text of your post. Did you have a space between the β€œ11” and the β€œ5/8”? Without the space, that input is taken as a single fraction (115)/8 = 14.375 = 1’ 2 3/8".


I set everything the same as in your Model Info > Units.
Now when drawing an edge and typing 11 5/8 and hit [Enter] I do get an edge exactly 11 5/8" in length. Is it the space you are forgetting?


You can of course try using 11.625
This seems easier for me.



Are you by any chance trying to click in the measurement box before typing your measurements.


Shep I will try that though I’m exhausted. The system got really unstable & even zooming in distorted the view. Basically WIN 8.1 PRO is not accepting the sketchup command set on both keyboard & mouse. Now when I subtract a solid from a solid the whole image disappears and is deleted so I have to undo it. Now I am stuck and had to shut down & save hoping that when I restart the solid tools will be back on line.I might, though I hate to, revert to the hardwired mouse and keyboard which are in English. At one point the view changes where orbiting around the screen. Really amazing. It’s got to be a memory thing. Page file adjustment. You’d think it would adjust itself but memory dedicated to program does not seem to kick in so it’s got to be adjusted manually?


No Box, not even on the first day.


Wo3Dan, I hope you mean 115/8 and not 11space5/8 nuts I get an input error.


I have not used the space between 11 & 5/8 ? Could be it bro. Thanks for that. I guess typing it exactly as you do in the forum maybe the clincher. Will need a bob & rum before I rotate. May have even caused the system stability problems?


You got it bud. The other newb should be informed about the SYNTAX ERROR NOT APPEARING AS AN ALERT ON INPUT SYNTAX ERROR. Poor SOB is just like me and needs some glasses.The sketchUp team should be able to provide that.

3 SPACE 3/64, 2 SPACE 1/16???


Thanks Wo3Dan. Good thing somebody was hear to catch that one. Thanks.


slbaumgardner, thanks, I have already been apprized (Thanks to Wo3Dan), that I failed to put a space between the number & the fraction. My SUGESTION is a javascript Syntax Alert on bad input addressing that specific issue. IE. 1’3 space 5/8. or 1’3.625. I like the latter because the software becomes extra special in that it takes raw data input, and easily prompts the user to enter more precise input?


Thank Wo3Dan again. You are the man. I think a SYNTAX-ERROR is appropriate for Newbs???


Hey Guys, thanks again for every ones patience. This is the Dropbox link to my model. It contains everything I used for the 30 day trial which expires today or tomorrow. I will try to turn all the relevant model layers on but will not be able to get back to it for a while. Please let me know if the link works. Thanks again guys.