Why my 2D autocad file opens in 3D in sketchup

I’m new to Sketchup and have a lot to learn yet so.

I’m trying to import a 2d AutoCAD file into a 2D Sketchup view. When I do that the file opens in 3D although my original Sketchup file where I chose ot impornt the CAD fie is in 2D.

Can anyone please let me know how o reoslve htis issue?

I know there are tutorials on YouTube where beginners are told to set 2D templates to work 2D, but the workspace in SketchUp is actually 3D all the time.

Start from here to learn the basics - learn.sketchup.com

Thank you for your quick reply.
I’m trying to import a 2D floorplan from autocad.

I asusem once the ifle is imported to Sketchup, I need to add z vlaues to the objects.

I would be greatful if you could suggest which one of the courses I should attend to get this information (while learning other stuff as well of course).

I would laso be greatful if you could let me know how to add or change object attributes (such as z-value).

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2D doesn’t exist. It is just a point of view. Both AutoCad and SketchUp are 3D applications - everything you create in them is 3D. What you call “2D” is just something you create on a single plane with z(blue) coordinate values set to zero (actually, the “flatness” could be in relation to any of the infinite number of planes that can pass through a point in space).


Ansi, you are, of course, correct and the relative height seems to be a future that I neglected.
So in order to be correct, I will try to adjust the Z-values accoridng to the height information of the objects in construction. However, as I mentioned, I don’t know, how. I can right click on the object but it doesn’t show either X, Y or Z-vlaues nor does it seem to allow eiditng of those vlaues. Which is the best way to change these attributes in a drawing.


SketchUp is tool based. To change where things are in space, you use the Move tool, or the Push-pull tool.
I strongly recommend that you take the free self-paced courses at learn.sketchup.com to get a good grasp of the basics. SketchUp is almost totally different from a traditional CAD application like AutoCad.

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Thanks again,

I jus enrolled in one of the beginner courses.


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