Dwg topo file importing as 2D in SketchUp

I am trying to import a topo file that I have in AutoCad. The topo shows as 3d in AutoCad. I am exporting it as DWG. When I import it to Sketchup, it comes in with zero elevation, completely flat. I’m told that there must be something amiss with the topo file (which is admittedly old). Anyone know how to troubleshoot that?

I was hoping to enclose the AutoCad file with the topo, as well as the exported DWG file with hopes that someone will know a solution. But I don’t see away to add attachments, this being my first time using this forum.

Thank you

Above the text box, the seventh icon from the left allows you to upload the files.

Can AutoCAD export DEM files ? (If so, see link below.)

[details=Helpful links into the SketchUp User Guide]SketchUp User Guide

Full version of 2016 doesn’t. I usually bring in .dwg’s with correct elevations of topo lines.

Thank you for the responses. As it turns out, we came upon a solution serendipitously.
The DWG file imported as 3d when we re-exported it from VectorWorks while viewing it in 3d format.
The previous DWG that didn’t work in Sketchup was executed while we were in 2d VW mode.
By the way, this was exported as a 2010 version VW file. Thanks again.

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