Imported .dwg loads without elevations

Hi. I’m new to SketchUp and am trying to import a .dwg model. When it does import, the elevations don’t come across so its ‘flat’. I know the data is there so I’m guessing I need to configure SketchUp but need some help! The attachment illustrates my issue!

I think that there is a drawing imported, not a model.
One can edit the imported drawing and line up specific elevations.
Then reference those to model 3D with SketchUp’s tools.

Check the learn section in the welcome screen and head for this course:

(After you did the Fundamentals):

Thanks Mike, I’ll give it a go.

Probably the DWG is “flat”. Where does it come from? If it was created in AutoCad Architecture or the like, to get a full 3D model out, you have to use the “export to autocad” function from a 3D view of the model. Exporting from plan view creates a flat 2D drawing.

Why do you have to export from AutoCAD? Dwg is the standard AutoCAD file format?

I was talking about AutoCad Architecture. It is a separate version that uses its own special objects to create its walls, doors, roofs etc. They are not readable or editable as such by aby other application. Standard AutoCad can display them but they show as “proxy” objects. AutoCad Architecture has a special command to transform them to “plain vanilla” geometry. Today, an AutoCad subscription includes these special versions (architecture, Civil, MEP…)

Oh so the dwg in question might have been exported from AutoCad Architecture in the flat manner.

Really cannot say without seeing the actual file. The screenshot looks like the file has a bunch of 2D drawings depicting the building. It might even originate from something like Archicad or Revit (exporting a sheet with various views).

Thanks everyone. We are going to try to convert the file in Revit or Autocad and see what happens.