SketchUp to Autocad LT and back (2D)

I prefer Sketchup. I have a client who insists on using Autocad lite. Is there a reliable way to export from Sketchup to Autocad so the client can work it and then import it back into Sketchup and continue working?

I do realize that AutoCAD LT is only 2D. So, what would be the result of
sending a 3D Sketchup file to it? Does it lose everything above the XY
plane or does it project everything onto the XY plane or what? Is it
possible to scenes as 2D data and back?

Not true. AutoCad LT works in the exactly same 3D model space as the “full” AutoCad does. It is only 2D in that it lacks most of the tools to create and modify 3D objects that the full version has. To existing 3D faces, solids etc. it doesn’t do anything. Lines etc. can be edited.

The catch is in the importing back into SketchUp. The SketchUp importer ignores, for instance, all annotation objects. So, if you send a DWG of your 3D model to your friend, and he/she adds text and dimensions in AutoCad LT, and then sends it back to you, what you get into SketchUp is basically your original model minus textures.


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Thank you for that clarification, Anssi. It appears that you are saying
that nothing would be lost as long as only geometry is added within AutoCAD
LT. Am I understanding correctly?

if you wanna interchange 2D shop drawings incl. dimensions etc. in the DWG format on a regular basis you may want use the free version of Dassaults DraftSight f. Windows & macOS (ßeta).

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