Why is this tiny model 7MB?

Hi All,

I have created a tiny model but when I save it it is over 7MB. I have purged unused and tried ‘fix problems’. I can’t see any additional hidden geometry and zoom extents doesn’t
Modern_Chandelier1-NO_CORD3.skp (7.8 MB)
show anything. Any ideas???

Look at the three materials and their textures sizes

Delete them and you’ll have a 19.4 KB file size.


Thank You you are a star. I thought that I had deleted them.

Is there an extension that will give me the size of the materials in the model??

Look at Material Resizer in the Extension Warehouse. It’ll not only show you the size in pixels but also allow you to reduce them.

Hi Dave,

I tried the resizer and it crashed Sketchup. I am still using SU 2022.

Weird. I’ve been using it for years with different versions of SketchUp and no problems. Did it create a Bug Splat? Did it crash a second time after open SketchUp again?

it was a bug splat. I haven’t tried it since.

Did you send in the Bug splat report with your email address? If so, @colin might be able to tell us what caused it. And you should try it again.

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I can’t remember to be honest. Probably not.

I will give it another go and let you know if it works

You should always send them in with identifying information and a description of what you did just prior to the splat so there’s some hope of identifying the problem.

Good luck.

If you do send one in, include your name and email address, so I can then look up the report.

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Material resized worked ok for me, but when I tried to edit the black_plastic material, it locked up Preview. It did open ok in Photoshop.

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Hi Colin,

I have split my model up for rendering but I did run it again and it worked brilliantly. Quick question though. What files does it actually change? Are they the temporary materials in the ProgramData directory ( or wherever they get stored), or in my case do they change the files in the Collection directory?