Update Material Resizer extension for 2022

Please update the extension Resizer for use with SketchUp 2022. I find it extremely helpful to downsize materials in one go. Since this is a genuine SketchUp Team extension, I think it should be updated.

Crash #1835

materialresizer test.skp (5,9 MB)

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I just used it in SU2022. It worked for me. It would be nice if the EW page was updated, though.

Screenshot - 2_12_2022 , 6_32_54 AM

Screenshot - 2_12_2022 , 6_33_14 AM

Rather have them update the extension itself then change the notification in the Extension Warehouse to ‘Windows only’.
Did you save and reopened the file to check?

Yes. And the materials remained resized.

Try to import as image, first. Then explode and resize. I think it is releted to a bug with images.

So, to reproduce:

  • Open a new file
  • Import an image
  • Explode it.
  • check the Material Extension, see how many pixels the image is
  • Resize it to something smaller
  • Save the file
  • reopen the file and check the extension again.

This bug existed in earlier versions, I believe. Just ran into it via another way.

Every one of those materials was from an imported image.