Why is my file so laggy?

As a SketchUp newbie working on a school project, I designed multiple buildings separately for efficiency, but encountered severe lag when combining them into one file for the site. This lag is causing delays, stress, and jeopardizing my deadline. How can I speed up my SketchUp file?

post the file, please

Your model has a ridiculously large number of edges and faces.
I’m going to guess that most of them come from the fascia which has 56000 per group.
Replace the holes with a texture.

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Your Admin Building roof has a lot of geometry that’s probably not needed.

For example, each of the round holes (circles/curves) has 24 segments. Here’s one where I changed some holes to 12 segments.

Screenshot 2024-04-08 235233

See the difference? No, because there’s more than enough detail!

You might want to drastically reduce the number of edges in the roof detail or remove them.

As Box just mentioned, textures might be a better option.

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well said. These should be components, not groups, and they should be super simple.