Why exporting is slow as compared to opening the file?

I’m creating an app to show Sketchup models in VR. For that I’m using obj export of model.
Just wanted to know why exporting is slow as compared to opening the file in Sketchup.
Is it just because of writing to a file while exporting ?
Please check the attached file.
AutoSave_AutoSave_Final Model (2).zip (2.8 MB)

As a general rule, importing or exporting will be slower than opening a skp because SketchUp has to perform more work to convert between its native representation and that of the foreign file type.


How can it improved or speed up ?

It’s not within a user’s control. A simpler model will export faster, but the speed is determined by the exporter code. All you can do would be make a feature request for the developers to see if they can better optimize the exporter code for speed.

A couple of asides:

When you have a crash and need to use a backup file, you could give it the original file name, instead of keeping AutoSave in the name. Your file name shows that you’ve had at least two times when you had to use the backup file.

Don’t know what tool you are using for the app, but if you are using Unity, that can directly import SketchUp files. No need to go via OBJ. Your model does take about 30 seconds to import into Unity, but that is most likely a lot quicker than your OBJ export.

Purging the model before export might speed things up a bit.

Unity doesn’t support to import Sketchup model at runtime.