Sketchup Performance Questions

Version: Sketchup Pro 2020

While my computer is not a powerhouse i5-4690K & 16GB memory it’s not particularly pathetic.

My current model is 190K edges, 110K faces and I’ve noticed that when I start bringing in models from the 3D warehouse for things like baths, beds etc. it’s become noticeably slower with odd pauses.

Is there some other technique I should be using here or is it just a case of not having enough capacity?

Happy to share the SKP file if anyone is interested

how big is your file ?

do the odd pauses occur every five minutes ?
Do you sometimes purge your model ? (if you import models from 3D warehouse and delete them, they remain in your file unless you purge it, increasing the file size. Increasing the file size makes autosaves - which are set by default to happen every 5 minutes - longer)
Please do share your file so we can have a look

to purge your model : window > model info > statistics > purge unused

Please attach the .skp file. It is hard to tell from your description what is going on.

do put the high poly count components added from the 3DWH to separate Layers resp. in the meanwhile Tags and switch 'em off during modeling… use a fast style and switch of eye candy as shadow, x-ray or fog untill really needed, typically at the end of the modeling process.

While there are many factors… how abs what you are importing from 3DWarehouse may be an issue.