Is DWG importing different with SketchUp 18?

Morning All,

At work we use SketchUp and that requires us to convert RVT files to SKP all the time. We receive the files from the Architects and export it out for the concept designers to use.

I’ve noticed with Sketchup 18 that DWG’s have been importing faster. For example, before the dialogue would shoot to 99% and then list each individual element that was importing and would usually end with “Importing Entities”

The last few files us Technical Designers have converted have gone by way faster. It’s slower to reach 99% and then you see “importing Entities” a few times throughout the process. I’m not complaining because the files import crazy fast now. I just wanted to check and see if anyone else had noticed this.



There have been some improvements to the importer and SketchUp is just generally faster now anyway.

There might also be a difference with the way you are exporting from Revit (as solid or face geometry). It’s been rather a long time since I needed to export a 3D model from Revit, but some years ago the solid option didn’t even work with SketchUp.

I’ve exported things the same way ever since I started doing it last year. I always check the ACIS solids and then change the layer settings. I guess I can try doing it in SketchUp 17 to see if there’s a noticeable difference.

One thing that’s definitely different is that when I import the file, the textures are no longer the default material. Everything is a white texture which really interferes with how I used to texture the models. Luckily all you have to do it delete that texture so that it goes back to the Default and then you can just paint bucket click the groups and they’ll texture properly.

Also glazing/glass will now double group sometimes which is annoying. The file I’m working on today has definitely given me a few run arounds with this new stuff but I think I’ve figured it out.

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