Why does my complete drawing push/push at once?


Hello all, I’m kind of new to sketchup, and for some reason my complete drawing is push pulling at once? can someone tell me why this is? I uploaded a file off of autocad and had no problems and now I can’t figure out why my complete drawing is push/pulling all at once with the items I have freehanded?


Can you show us a picture of what is happening, or share your file? Hard to help with this without seeing something…


I’ll bet its something simple but without seeing the SKP file, it’s a shot in the dark.

Typically it would be indicative of the whole thing being a single face since Push/Pull can’t extrude multiple faces.


it just said the file is too big to load
so here are a couple screen shots…
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d11ba5696291c7aec1a8db4be9914fb1764569b3.PNG" width=“607”


any ideas would be great…


As is clearly shown in your second screen shot, the selected area is all one face so if you use Push/Pull on it, it’s all going to move. What exactly do you want to have happen?


Since you have Profiles turned on, you can tell where the lines break the surface. When you see those thick lines, it means those lines are not breaking the surface.

One of two things is probably happening; either the “parking lot” area is not closed (there is a small segment missing thus it is not creating a closed plane) or the existing lines are just out of plane with the main surface. Fixing either case should turn those dark lines into lighter lines, and allow you to only push pull the parking lot.

Hope that makes sense!

… where’s @Box with one of his fancy animated GIFs…