Why does "Generate Report" require internet connection?

Why does “Generate Report” require an internet connection?

When you try and generate a report on your model, SketchUp hangs without an internet connection. What data are they sending from my design and to who? Or, what code could they possibly need that could not be contained within the program itself?

My team works in areas without internet connectivity at times so we have to deal with both the Trimble login feature sporadically appearing and the report generator not working… We would love to find ways to stay productive without dealing with these issues.


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The features in Generate Report improved over time. If you’re online you get the latest improvements. If you’re offline you get the state of things as they were when Generate Report was first introduced. It’s a lot uglier and had less abilities.

Improvements? Do you know if there is a release notes history anywhere? I’d like to see what has changed for curiosities sake. We use it in everyone of our projects but have not notice any change in it in the 4-5 years we’ve implemented it into our workflow.

If it is just to check for updates, why not allow it to use the last version when there is no internet? That would make way more sense then simply locking up the software session completely.

I have asked colleagues if there is a page that describes improvements in Generate Report.

Meanwhile, here is how the window currently looks when offline and online.

Current SketchUp being more or less useless when offline may be a bug.

What is your use case for needing to do generate report when offline?

Our team goes to customer sites and designs layouts for industrial spaces. We have a library of over 3,000 components embedded with part numbers. When we finish at a site, we run the report to get a Bill of Materials to hand over.

Sometimes there is internet, sometimes there is not. Lots of factors there, guest access, cell phone service within the building, etc. Quite often there is no signal available, that is why it is a real bummer having to login through a website just to use the software and needing internet to run a simple report.

We aren’t designers sitting in our home office every day.

There are 40 of us traveling the country doing this work. It adds up to quite a bit of lost productivity.

From the screen shots, it looks as if on your system without internet there is no reporting as well. It is not just me then.

By being offline the software is useless, what is meant is that if you can’t validate your username through Trimble, SketchUp does not load. It has been that way for a few years now. It used to not validate that way.

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I believe the Sketchup team should provide the user with the report templates in HTML, so as not to depend on the Internet. Furthermore, it is a function that in my opinion should not depend on an Internet connection, since the way in which this service is provided reports causes the program to expire earlier (for example, SU 2020 does not have support for reports). It doesn’t make sense that a basic feature is no longer available in the 2020 version.