Error While Generating reports


Each time whenever i try to generate the report, i am getting the following error
But if i restart and run the sketchup, the error is not coming back.?
Why this problem, how to solve this.


Do you use the native ‘Generate report’?
Most likely you have to write your own for your specific library.
Or have the appropriate attributes written by your extension.

Are you connected to the Internet when you run Generate Report ?

With what SketchUp edition and version do you see this error ?

@DanRathbun, yes it is connected to internet, the version was 2018
@MikeWayzovski yes, I am using native generate report from from file menu

Okay your forum profile is out of date.

When connected to the internet, File > Generate Report is a cloud feature.

There is nothing extension developers can do to fix this.
(Please reassign this topic to the Technical Problems > SketchUp category.)

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Ok. Thanks. Reassigned to technical problems

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