Generate Report, Currently Offline Error

I am currently using Sketchup 2018, have been for several years. In the past few days, generate report has stopped working entirely. At first it was only occasionally, but now it does not work at all. It gives me an error telling me that I am not connected to the internet, which is not the case. When I try to refresh the page I get " ‘sketchup’ is undefined @ / compiled.js[155] ". I depend on this feature in my work flow and not having has basically shut us down. Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you on Mac or Windows?

Also, do you ever see this version of the Generate Report dialog/window?

I’m on Windows 10 and yes that is the screen that comes up for me.

Thanks for the info. If you quit and relaunch SketchUp, does the problem still occur?
I’d also be curious to know if SketchUp 2021.1 behaves the same way (you can download a trial version here).

Last week, restarting sketchup seemed to help. It was ghost like. Now it will not work at all. I have tried various wifi, ethernet hookups. I was reluctant to try 2021 as I’m not sure I care to begin subscribing and don’t want to try to back out of it if I don’t.

Here’s what I would try:

Change the default browser in Windows (eg if it was Edge, set it to Chrome or viceversa)
Do a cold reboot and start SketchUp.

The solution offered by @colin in the following thread (ON_LINE_TEST_URL= worked for me:

However, no actual report can be generated. When the Generate Report function is first activated, the following error window appears:

When I click OK, the Generate Report window fills in with its various controls and seems to be OK. When I attempt to Run a report, the same error window appears. When I click OK on that second error, the Generate Report window contents change to the SketchUp logo and the red text “Generating Report…” and that’s all. Nothing else happens with the report. The remainder of SketchUp is fully responsive, but the Generate Report window sits there doing nothing other than telling me it is generating my precious report (I waited for ten minutes for a trivial report).

I see the same error, but don’t see the error in 2020, which uses the same HTML. I’m asking someone who might have ideas.

It’s starting to look like Google are preventing accessing their code from inside applications, similar to how they appear to block using as an online check. I’m not sure why that would prevent 2018 from working, but allows 2019 to work using the same code.

I just started getting the both 2021 Pro and 2020 Pro about a week ago. I have another machine that works just fine on the same desk but with a different, less secure network. Maybe that is the issue. But there are notes herein that indicate I am not alone. “You are offline. Check your internet connection to start using SketchUp.”

I have the same problem like TDahl . google not defined error wile generating report. Thanks in advance for anyone with solution.

After editing “i18n.dat”, everything works except report generation. Someone solved the reports issue
[Sketchup 2018 Pro, Widnows 10]

I problem with “General report”. I edited the file. Replaced google with Bing. The problem was not solved. I was helped by just calling the menu with the right mouse button. See: 2021-10-14 20-33-44.mkv — Yandex.Disk Windows 10 & SketchUp Pro 2016

Interesting. I do not get the update option when I use the right mouse button. Any other way to call this menu?
Thanks in advance