Can't generate reports all of a sudden

I have 2015, 2016 and 2017 PRO and all of a sudden, I can’t generate a report in any of them. I get this ERROR: ‘sketchup’ is undefined@/compiled_3c7b88177.js (148)

Dynamic Components and all of my extensions are up to date.

Anyone that can shed light on this is my hero.

As noted in your other forum post, there are a few work around I’ve linked to below to help out until this is resolved.

On a Mac running SketchUp Pro 2017
Click OK once you see the error, and then right click in the Generate Report window, and select Inspect Element. This loads the developer tools. After the developer tools appear at the bottom of the window, follow the 3 steps in this picture:

On a PC running SketchUp Pro 2017:
I got the “Older Version” warning. You simply have to type Control-L and then in the Open panel, type the location:
Hit Enter, and it should work.

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