Generate Report feature questions (v1 vs. v2)



Disconnected from Internet, Generate Report won’t let me use a ‘saved to Model’ report, only the old form. So, the first question would be : why can’t I use my ‘Saved to Model’ report ?
Second, far more getting to the core : What specific data is getting transferred to the SketchUp server ? I would presume just a layout of the report ( i.e. attributes names etc.) but can’t find any info on this issue.
Having a hard time explaining this feature of SU and why it is using internet for the Generate Report. Some clients have very strict rules on using online data-transfers when involved in a commercial environment and will have a even stricter policy in a high-leveled security business environment.

Also : I don’t see why you would have the SketchUp Help Center as an active link :slight_smile:


Because (when offline) this is the old v1 Report Generator, and does not have (nor will it get) v2 features.

Nothing when offline, so this question is about v2.

Possibly attribute names could be transferred IF they wanted analytics on attribute usage. But it is not absolutely necessary. It runs in a web browser frame, so the form can be populated with attribute names locally (ie only on the client side.)

I agree it would be nice to have some statement of privacy policy (or whatever it’s called) that would inform users what is and is not transferred.

Basically, the interface can get updated independent of the application release and update cycle.

Back to the old offline v1 Generate Report feature.

This is an old link to general User Guide pages on inserting and working with components. (I believe this link comes from the “i18n.dat” file. So in a sense it is hard-coded for all previous releases, for the old v1 offline report generator.)

P.S. - There was no actual feature request included,
so I retitled the thread as " feature questions (v1 vs. v2)"


Thanks Dan , for explaining! So, my request would be about having SketchUp better explaining the differences between the the two versions of the Generate Report :slight_smile:
As for the link displayed : this link is only displayed in an offline situation(!)


SketchUp doesn’t explain things. The online Help Center and User Guides can.

So I’ll move it to the Help Center Issues category.


Wait, is the new report running from an online server? That would explain why the button for saving the report is called “Download” and not Save.


At the very least the interface IS.

ADD: The User Guide says:

Click the Download button to save a CSV file to your local machine.

This was a local ability in the past. It still may be.


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