Generate Report button missing

when i run a report i do not have the back/run reports buttons on my screen.

Try resizing the window bigger… It looks like they may be getting cut off…

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That did the trick,

While I am on the subject of the report.
it is my understanding that this is ONLY created in each model sesion of sketchup.
I can’t create 1 typical template that I can use in multiple model file or copy it on to a network for others to use?

Yes, you can save to model and also import/export the report as well. Those buttons should be there at the bottom

That generates a “.grt” file.
is this explained somewhere? I can’t find anything on it specifically in the help files.

I found it under the the “Classifying Objects” area not under generate reports.

.grt , which stands for ‘generate report template’ meaning it will not save the report data but the template
i wish it could have a possibility to generate custom names to the download file as well, for instance: Name _of _template_report_timestamp_DD_MM_YY

Thanks for that information,
I’ll have to play with this and see if it will work for us.

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