Create report missing save buttom

Hi guys, new to the forum. Been using Sketchup for a year or so, just upgraded and went to create a custom report. All the selection criteria are there, but there is no save/execute function…

Windows 10, Version 2018 Pro (18.0.16975 64 bit)

Any suggestions?

It is called ‘run’
Does resizing the window shows that option?
Might be that your screen is scaled over 150%, it might be somewhere under your desk.
After you have run the report, you can download it

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Restarted Sketchup, all functions working normally…

Weird, can’t duplicate.

I’ve never used Generate Report much but I think you get different features depending on whetehr you are connected to the internet or not. If I’m not mistaken disconnected from internet has been suggested for users who preferred the old interface.

Also I think the Save button is actually called Download (very confusing). That could have been in the old interface though.

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