Why does Fredo's thrupaint doesn't work in my renders?

Can anybody tell me why Fredo’s thrupaint works perfect in Sketchup 2018 itself, but when I try to render it in Lumion 8, it gets all messed up ?


texture mapping can be troublesome in SU. I would try making the curb texture “unique” and see if that helps. (right click, make unique texture)

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That seems to work, thanx ! Only thing is that my filesize increases dramaticly.

Check out the material resizer:


Wow! Didn’t know that one :slight_smile: That made a difference of almost 30%, Thanx !!

Somehow the texture I used for the thrupaint was really small and only 35Kb, but the unique textures they became were about 1280X2480 pixels.

A texture can be tiled (repeated) over a face.

If the face is smaller than the texture, the tiling is not visible and part of the texture image is wasted. This happens for example when you import photos using PhotoMatch. (Something that the original Texture Resizer® (free!) can optimize – before SketchUp copied it as a weaker clone).

If the face is bigger than the texture, it will be repeated.

What “Make Unique” does, is to create a new texture image that spans the whole face, and if the face is big, the texture obviously has a huge file size. For faces that are not aligned to the coordinate axes (e.g diagonal rectangle), you will find SketchUp creates still unique textures that are axis-aligned (right-click, Texture, Position to view). The surplus area of the texture image outside the visible face wastes file size. (Again something that SketchUp’s cloned Material Resizer cannot help, where as the original Texture Resizer would crop off invisible texture area, if that is the problem. Another reason not to promote weaker plugins if there have been more powerful existing ones).

I think the main reason for the file size increase is that the unique texture is too big, an inherent consequence of Make Unique. By resizing it too much, you lose quality. It also does not allow you to change/swap the unique texure with the original repetitive one. I’d try to avoid Make Unique other than as work-around immediately before rendering.

The rendering problem could be caused by a precision problem of texture coordinates when they are exported. Does ThroughPaint make sure that texture coordinates have their UV origin close to the face?


If you upload a file containing (only) the face with erronous UV coordinates, we could maybe inspect and fix them.

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