Why do guides partially disappear?

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I am trying to align objects with a pattern that I have mapped on to the floor plane. I created guides using the tape measure to help make it easier. For some reason, the guides are disappearing just at the place where I need them. "View>Guides" is checked. Any idea why this is happening? is there a way to make the guides "on top" of the work. (cue sound of tearing hair) Thanks

Hard to tell without seeing the model. Do you have the Camera set to Parallel Projection? You might be getting clipping.

Hey DaveR- thanks for the quick reply! I was using Parallel projection, so I switched back—in perspective mode, the guides appear when zoomed out, but when I zoom in to get good alignment they partly disappear! maddening thing. My work around is to work in X-ray mode; guides do not disappear. thanks for the tip- got me started experimenting… d

Generally it’s best to to do your modeling in Perspective. Save Parallel Projection for output.

It would be interesting to see what you are seeing with the guides. Maybe they are running into the camera?

Sounds like they are under the face, not correctly aligned, so as you zoom out opengl allows you to see them but when you zoom in opengl adjust to be more accurate and shows the face instead.

Like this?

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Box makes and excellent point. As I wrote before, seeing your .skp file would make it much easier to guide you without having to spend time guessing.

DaveR: yes, like that. I actually have a texture mapped onto the ground plane, and an irregular “rug” mapped onto an object floating .125" above the ground plane. that must be the problem. So, is there a way to get the guides to float above the “rug” it has a pattern on it that we are using to align display cases around it.

Parallel question- is there a way to convert a curved or irregular object into a guide? This would also be very helpful. TYSM for your patience with newbies- your place in heaven is assured!

You could move the guides in the Z direction.

No but you could still use it as a reference. I would group the geometry first.

Ok Thanks.

Might also be able to do what you want without guides in the first place.

There are a couple of extensions that will create guides, Curvizard is one.

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