Why do my edges and guides disappear or appear underneath objects in Sketchup 2017?

Would just like to know why my guides and edges behave like this? I can only view them if I orbit to a different perspective. However, I am currently working in Parallel Projection mode and top view as I am working on a floor plan layout. Sometimes the guides on this angle are not visible at all.

I am working on a single layer for everything. Hope someone can shed some light on this as I would like to understand how this occurs and would like to avoid it from happening.


I think what you are running into is basically a limitation of the graphics card. With the guidelines in the same plane as the floor face, the graphics card can’t decide which to give priority to. This is more commonly seen with multiple faces in the same plane as a flickering when you orbit. It’s known as z-fighting.Basically, you are putting multiple items in exactly the same place in space.

You might also wind up with what you are seeing at the sink if the sink isn’t perfectly aligned with the counter top.

Remember, SketchUp is a 3D modeler. The display is optimized for 3D. Although you can make 2D drawings, you might find it easier to work in 3D and make 2D views afterward.

FWIW, SketchUp layers don’t come into this at all.

Parallel Projection in SketchUp is problematic in that while orbiting or zooming, the projection plane moves, and it might get moved inside, front of or behind your model. This results to more problems with clipping.

Often switching temporarily to Perspective mode, zooming to extents and zooming back in before switching back to parallel projection helps.

Also, generally, working in Perspective works better, even when drafting flat lines on the red/green plane. Parallel projection should be reserved to scenes used for outputting construction documents.


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