Guides Disappearing - Graphics anomalies - Graphics Drivers


Can anyone explain why guides become invisible on the face of the object when I zoom in?

I have reinstalled both SU [with administrator rights] and the latest RTX Drivers [studio] neither made any difference to the issue

scene view

zoomed to extents, guides missing on front face of the box

isometric view showing guides on the face

3d model
guidetest.skp (97.2 KB)

any thoughts appreciated as this is only one reproducible anomaly that I seem to have with graphics display bugs in SU at the moment [eg cursor icon not changing… when a new tool selected… faces not being recognised when floated over… inference snapping erratic … etc ] they all seem to point to some sort of screen interface problem with the graphics driver and SketchUp but I can not pin it down and obvious solutions do not seem to correct the issue… the are not killer issues but shake my confidence and require unexpected workarounds.

Would appreciate if someone could test the file and advise if they have the same disappearing guides…

Also can Trimble give some advice on graphics drivers - which ones are stable?
it seems crazy to say" just use the latest" when they are updated so frequently…

Does Trimble recommend Studio over Gaming drivers?

PS, the default Trimble install of 2021 did not explicitly require “run as Administrator” it just merrily installs the software from the internet… I had to manually download the “.exe” file and explicitly select the administrator install… surely if this is an essential requirement of a correct install it should not be so easily to bypass in the update process!

hello, I get the same behaviour when zooming-extend once on the front view.
Interesting to note that if I zoom extend once more, the guides are shown. Looks like it fails to show entities in the right order the first time.
I believe it is just like z-fighting, but in this example y-fighting. as if you move your guide a little bit away from the face, problem won’t occur

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I’m not seeing any issues at all.

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Not seeing this.
What scaling is the monitor set to?
What AA in Preferences > OpenGL?

Chromebook / on latest web version not seeing any display issues with guides.

(Maybe only relevant to the developers, probably not to @gsharp)

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Getting the same result as @gsharp and @paul.millet

Guides are visible in the scene, then not visible after Zoom Extents, but become visible again after a second Zoom Extents.

I can snap to the guides while they are not visible. Also, when I draw a new line on this face (while the guides are not visible), the new line is also not visible.

Scaling is 100%

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