My guides are fading in certain areas

Tried to go in Style and modify colors but fading still there

To me it looks like the guides just aren’t coplanar with the face in your model.
You can either check this yourself or share the file (or both).

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I can relate. Happens to me too. Mainly when working in Parallel Projection mode.

I think you are right with coplanar, when I zoom in at a different angle and start fresh insuring I start at the proper line of the face model it seems to have corrected it. BUT, I still need to play around with my guides to see if this solved the issue. Many TKS.

Well, it started shading again, depending when I move around.

Any other suggestions?
Any way to add more weight to the guide lines?

Guides can be shown in a different color (overall for all guides) but that’s all.

Best if you share the original model to make some notes based on what is wrong.

How do I share this?
New to the forum

Casgrain base 3D.skp (123.8 KB)
Ok found the way…

the guides in the model look fine on my non-Retina iMac [El Capitan]…


This may be a Mac issue. Sorry but my Mac is in french.
Thanks anyhow for your help

@stilllearning, thank you for sharing the model.
All the guides appear to be coplanar with the inside wall face. So nothing wrong there.

@john_drivenupthewall, depending on the view (angle and how far zoomed in) they can be looking bad.
This jumping behaviour of guides is a known issue when zoomed in too much, although I wouldn’t have expected it to show from this distance already. See attached image.

Yes, even on windows there is something strange going on.

other than the one, doubled up guide, and a momentary partial loss during some zooms, I don’t see any real issues with the guides…

I have an ancient Graphics Card… [ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB]

Hi folks.

With SU 2016 on El Capitan in French on Macbook Pro mid 2011, I see the same problem when zoomed in real close. I deleted the guides and created new ones. The problem doesn’t show. Maybe the guides are not really coplanar or the wall is not perfectly aligned with axes.

Just ideas.


Well, I did the same, carefully creating all geometry on axes / on plane (say the inside wall face as in presented example) and still got the same results. All is on systems plane XZ = 0.
Then later I did it again, remembering that guides in example aran’t in the same context as the grouped geometry (this can create an exagerated visible issue with displaying guides).
But it all led to nothing to make any conclusions.
I even grouped the guides, one guide per group ------> nothing.
Guides (being infinite lines, anchor plus direction) are just very different entities from edges (point to point) and IMO may lead to these displaying issues.

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Exporting vertices to 0.000000 decimal CSV reveals the geometry is coplanar.
It also revealed a stray edge at at outer window sill nearest the doorway.
Query tool indicates the Guides are coplanar.

Not to worry, guides when viewed up close, have always been a bit nervous an jerky in my experience.

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[quote=“Geo, post:16, topic:26103”]
… have always been a bit nervous… …